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Gabriel Wheatley is an experienced writer and educational researcher who has written several books and penned articles in several newspapers. Gabriel seeks to write about objective reality as it is played out in justice issues globally. He often tackles the unknown aspects of history or current events through writings that reveal the hidden history and the untold stories of many events both in the present and in the past, and how issues and their relationships to myth, lies, and falsehoods are anchored in the minds of many. Gabriel presents academic knowledge in simple language to better understand the facts about the headlines that are generally ignored. Gabriel maintains his historical achievements at various universities and museums, including UTSA, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, the University Of North Texas (UNT), and other educational locations. He also has published books with Sentia Publishing. Gabriel Wheatley takes his name from the area he grew up in near Gabriel Street, which is the street on which Wheatley High School is located and where he attended.

The contentious disagreements of The Alamo Trust Board shouldn't be making national news. Yet the Washington Post recently …

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