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Hopscotch San Antonio announced five new large-scale and immersive art exhibits coming to its gallery this month. The award-winning art, light, and sound experience will welcome unique installations by international and domestic artists from France, Italy, Russia, Oregon, and Texas. Since opening its doors in 2020, Hopscotch has collaborated with over fifty artists from around the world and has been named “Best Art Gallery”, “Best Creative Date Night”, and a finalist for “Best Immersive Museum Experience.”

“We are thrilled to introduce these new installations,” said Nicole Jensen, co-founder of Hopscotch. “Our goal at Hopscotch is to provide an avenue for visitors to connect with artists and celebrate through play. Each exhibit is an example of how art and technology have the power to engage and transform.”

Among the new installations are a wall-to-wall cosmic trampoline, a shifting color matrix of 11,000 suspended lights, a layered graphical composition using superimposed primary-colored images, a hypnotic recomposition of time projection, and a showcase of the Wabi Sabi Series by San Antonio’s own Albert Trebla.

“It’s an honor to showcase creative minds from around the world to our San Antonio audience. These new exhibits serve as an important extension of the already unique experience at Hopscotch.” Hunter Inman, co-founder of Hopscotch said. “As we continue to grow, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional art experiences.”

In June 2023, Hopscotch opened a new location in Portland, Oregon that gives artists opportunities to showcase similar works. Each exhibit features diverse and experiential creations that also explore the intersection of art and technology while providing an interactive experience for guests of all ages. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with record-breaking crowds visiting daily.

The new San Antonio installations will open to the public on January 24, 2024. Visitors can purchase tickets online, and each ticket includes a specific time of entry to provide a smooth and personalized experience. While the average duration of a visit is at least

90 minutes, visitors are welcome to explore at their own pace for as long as they desire.

In addition to the gallery experience guests can enjoy a lounge with specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that they are encouraged to take through the gallery. A uniquely curated gift shop rounds out the holistic art experience.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit

Ebony Huerta Wells has over 25 years of writing and media experience. She was a former business journalist with a major newspaper and worked for other niche publications.

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