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BLK OPS – The Untold Stories

In an innovative campaign to highlight the untold stories of diversity within the U.S. Special Operations Forces, the BLK OPS Veterans Project, initiated by U.S. Army Special Forces Veterans Chris McPhee and Ruben Ayala, announces a groundbreaking five-city tour and accompanying museum exhibit. One of those stops will be in the Alamo City on May 18. 

The heart of the BLK OPS Veterans Project lies in the captivating BLK OPS Mini Docuseries. This series is not just about challenging public perceptions but about sharing the personal narratives and engaging dialogues of underrepresented veterans in America’s most clandestine military units. It’s about fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

The San Antonio event, which features special guests Constable Kathryn Brown, Commissioner Tommy Calvert, and Dr. Rudyard Hilliard, will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Watson Fine Arts Building at St. Philip’s College (1801 MLK Drive). 

Attendees will experience the premiere of the BLK OPS Mini Docuseries’ first episode, followed by an insightful live panel discussion led by the esteemed Command Chief Master Sergeant Robert Zackery, a pivotal figure in DE&I strategy and co-author of the SOCOM D&I Action Plan. This series promises to unveil the essential “Mission Imperatives” needed for nurturing effective DEI initiatives and their importance within military frameworks.

Opening at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum on June 21, the BLK OPS Museum Exhibit presents a unique interactive narrative journey enriched by immersive graphics and artifacts. In parallel, the BLK OPS Mini Docuseries will debut on Amazon Prime, releasing an episode weekly to explore the profound stories of valor from these unsung veterans. The BLK OPS initiative goes beyond mere storytelling; it represents a mission to magnify the historical and contemporary contributions of minority veterans. 

“This project pays homage to those who’ve served in silence, spotlighting the true essence of their commitment,” says Chris McPhee. Ruben Ayala adds, “BLK OPS bridges the gap from historical benchmarks such as Executive Order 9981, which ended racial segregation in the U.S. military, to the ongoing evolution of DEI within the armed forces.”

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Ebony Huerta Wells has over 25 years of writing and media experience. She was a former business journalist with a major newspaper and worked for other niche publications.

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