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Over the years, I have witnessed a barrage of hate among Black men and women on social media, mainstream television and movies promoting an interracial narrative suggesting this is the best relationship for the Black community. Housewives shows present what this viewer considers to be a presentation of dysfunctionality among Black couples. Admittedly, I miss the days of the Cosby Show, Good Times, The Jeffersons, the Bernie Mac Show, Queen Sugar, Blackish, and even Martin, where Black actors showed the depths of Black love for each other. I miss the days in which the lyrics of songs made you want to get home to the one you love and simply—hold that person. You know the songs such as LTDs Love Ballard. Therefore, this question circled in my mind: Does Black Love Matter?
As a researcher, I contacted some of my friends in successful couplings to answer …Why Black Love Matters. Their narratives countered the intentions of what we see and hear today in much of the media. It’s time to control the narrative.
Although there is no standard definition of “Black Love” – a relationship between two individuals of African American origin – the phrase refers to a love rooted in resilience and hope. Black love allows us to reimagine our lineage and connections to our ancestors through passion and empathy. It also means allowing a person to grow, change, and figure out ways to navigate the world separately and with a Black partner. Black love consists of forgiveness, healing, understanding, believing, trust, pure love, and togetherness. 
Black love matters because it is the foundation for the sustainability of our culture. It is the love of family, race, of community that has made it possible for us to survive throughout the decades and centuries in a brutally racist environment.
Black love matters because it is the glue that bonds us together. Black love sings praises as we celebrate successes. It lifts and restores during moments of disappointment and despair. Black love helps to perfect us through its words, actions, or just simply by being present.
Black love matters as a resilient force against oppression, celebrating the diversity and strength of Black culture while affirming the humanity and dignity of Black individuals. In the face of adversity, it provides hope, joy, and healing to Black communities, emphasizing self-love, solidarity, and empowerment. Its significance lies in fostering resilience against racial challenges.
Black love matters because our society has not always shown how much We love ourselves. It is important in relationships between partners, while parenting, and in relationships between friends. It is equally important for the world to know as Black people, the reason we are so accepting of other cultures is because we do love ourselves and there is no competition. Black Love Matters because Black people matter.
For me, Black love matters because my mother was a strong single Black woman raising four kids alone. I have nothing against other women of color, but seeing what my mom went through and how she held it down, that’s the type of woman I wanted in my life; someone I know has my back. I have that kind of woman in my life now – my wife.  
Black love matters because it’s special. It’s also important to be there for each other as we travel on this journey called life. It’s caring through the good and bad. It’s being strong for each other and supporting one another. Sometimes, it’s tiring and hurtful, but through it all, Black love is special!
Embracing Black love is crucial; it’s a vibrant testament to resilience and unity in the face of enduring societal challenges. It reclaims narratives, showcasing the depth and richness of Black relationships, and combats stereotypes with powerful affirmations of identity and strength. Black love is a cornerstone for community solidarity, nurturing spaces of support and understanding. It’s not just about romantic connections; it’s about affirming the dignity and beauty inherent in every aspect of Black culture. Championing Black love means fostering a world where love, in all its forms, is recognized as a radical act of resistance and a source of limitless empowerment. Let’s celebrate and uplift Black love, recognizing it as essential to the fabric of our shared humanity.
Thank you to our contributors who expressed what Black love means to them. As we approach Valentine’s Day, let’s show our partners what genuine love is. Black love matters in its uniqueness to our culture and community. It’s a discussion we should continue to have with one another. Black love matters as there is beauty in its aesthetics. Black Love Matters as it is the factor that holds us, our family, and our community together. Black Love Matters is an exclusive and unapologetically sense of acceptance of who we are and what we can be. Black Love Matters is our greatness, our legacy.

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